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The power of AI imagery for your brand

The power of AI imagery for your brand

An image can speak a thousand words. Those words must be unique to your brand, not typical stock images. This is where AI can really help.

When looking for lead imagery for campaigns, typically our options are professional photography taken specifically for your brand, or stock photography sites.

You may even engage a creative to produce something truly unique.

There is now another option that's really beginning to gain traction, AI imagery.

Indeed, I created the lead image for this article using AI.

AI imagery software

There are several options you can use, the one that I prefer at the moment is called Midjourney.

It's super powerful with so many options to create the perfect image that's aligned not only to the content you are writing, but also your brand.

For me, my lead image aligns with my brand because it's derived from a creative process, unique to me, and has relevance to the content I'm writing.

It plays on the creative side of my work that runs through my approach to brand development.

Besides, who doesn't like a friendly robot looking straight at you!

What sort of images can it create, and how?

The possibilities are limitless. The only real limitation would be your creative thinking and how to best express that.

For example, you write what you want and the AI interprets that and produces your art.

My friendly robot image text wasn't just 'friendly robot looking straight at you'. I'll copy below the description I used, don't worry if some of it makes no sense, there are a lot of techniques to use.

a cute robot wearing a nike logo tshrit surrounded by blue fireflies, pixar style , super realistic, Hyperdetailed, Zbrush, unreal engine, HDR, super resolution, rim light, ray tracing, cinematic --test --creative --ar16:9 --upbeta

You may wonder where the Nike logo is, or indeed the tshirt and blue fireflies. The AI interprets your words and builds its image, and for me, what it produced was actually ideal. The orange and blue tones aligning with my branding.

So whilst not a perfect interpretation, it's extremely impressive with the technology on an upward trend.

Going AI or stock?

If you are looking for something truly unique, then for me it has to be AI. For example, take a look at the AI image below, taken from the community gallery.

The campaign ideas are vast, especially if you owned a store called 'Lizard's...' for example!

Let's say you were looking for a lizard in a bar type image, this is what a typical stock offering looks like.

Somewhat familiar and uninspiring. It just doesn't come close.

AI can create anything. Here are two more images from the community gallery. The first illustrates a traditional autumnal scene and the second a fantasy style island setting.

What are the costs?

The costs of AI imagery are really quite reasonable given how unique and bespoke they can be. A subscription that allows you 200 image creations per month is approximately $10.

The images can also be used commercially.

The only additional cost is likely to be your time, it can take quite a few attempts to get what you're looking for, and time also flies when you're having fun within a creative process.

If you're interested in AI imagery, follow the link for Midjourney, it's well worth it. I use it now for my Insight article lead images and will continue to do so going forward.