Creating the brand, website and documentation for a startup Dubai lighting consultancy.


Studio Aurora

Studio Aurora is a lighting consultancy based in Dubai, UAE.

Its founder, Andrenna D'Souza, was looking to establish her business as a leading lighting consultancy, taking it to a completely new level.

With her vast experience and admired reputation, the opportunity to create an entire brand from almost a start-up position involved many aspects of brand, strategy and design.


The image above was from the old website which wasn't a reflection of Andrenna's vision for the business. The real challenge was capturing the essence, and in Andrenna's words, 'the soul of Studio Aurora.'

The soul of a business can be challenging to uncover, or even define, especially for owners themselves. The difficulty lies not only in expressing that, but in a way that is meaningful and authentic to the audience.

It touches on so many aspects of the business, the messaging, visual identity, language, website, strategy, key documentation and more.


The above image shows the new website and touched on the heart of Andrenna's vision.

To really define the soul of Studio Aurora, I completed a detailed Brand Discovery Phase. This is the most important phase of any brand development as it lays the foundations for everything that follows.

Comprising of research, interviews and an in-depth look into the business with the owner directly, I created the Internal Brand DNA Documentation.

This is the purest and most authentic explanation of a business, and from which the soul of the business can really be defined and communicated.

In this instance, conveying how in lighting design, light itself tells a story, and every lighting project has a story to be told.

In that context, the soul of Studio Aurora is one of incredible creativity, much like how music can tell a story, so can light, which led to 'Symphonies of Light', a leading phrase that reflects Andrenna's philosophy to light.


Bringing the vision a business owner has of their business to life is a great moment. To feel the genuine excitement and happiness that what has been created completely hits the mark is very rewarding.

There were so many elements to this project that have all come together to create a whole brand, one that resonates with its target audience as it needs to. With authenticity, credibility and the foundations for onward success.

  • Internal Brand DNA Documentation
  • Visual identity
  • Language, key messaging and tone of voice
  • New logo
  • New website with many subtle touches and animations that convey the 'Symphony of Light'
  • Corporate documentation
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy


Studio Aurora has been my vision for years that kept evolving in idea through the years. When I set the studio up in 2021, I knew what I wanted the vision and mission to be. However I was struggling to convey the right message and passion to clients and fellow industry colleagues. I had been on the look out for a brand strategist for months, when I came across a LinkedIn recommendation for Alex. After the first call, I knew Alex would help me extract all the ideas I had for Studio Aurora and articulate it beautifully. From the first point of contact, Alex has been accommodating, insightful and knowledgeable/advisable. To see my ideas and vision for Studio Aurora turn into an identity that is tangible and easily conveyable was overwhelming. All the key touch points have been developed and designed to meet my requirements as a designer and entrepreneur, whilst giving Studio Aurora a personality. From my experience of working with Alex, he has an innate ability of extracting the thoughts of a business owner and then translating it to the business’s identity with an ease and flair.

Andrenna D'Souza



Studio Aurora


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