New messaging and a tone of voice to elevate a sophisticated technology brand.


Polar Bear Design

Polar Bear Design is an award-winning manufacturer of exceptional crafted solutions for the Home Automation, Luxury Hotel and Superyacht sectors.


With a proud heritage of British Engineering and a truly sophisticated and unique product, Polar Bear Design had been struggling to articulate their offering.

It was critical to create key messaging across their website that not only brought clarity of their business and products to their target audience, but did so with a tone of voice befitting the luxury sectors within which they operate.


In order to create entirely new messaging and a tone of voice that would resonate with the target audience, the first step was to start a Discovery Phase for the brand.

This involves delving deeply into the business to define its purpose, vision, mission, values, core messaging framework, brand archetype and brand statement framing.

In order to do this successfully, it's important to extract key information from the business owner. This can then be distilled to a point where the core of the brand can be fully developed.

The outcome of this is a detailed Internal Brand DNA Document, the very essence of their identity as a business, the reason they exist and why people choose them above the rest.

It provides the clearest and most authentic explanation of the business which is a necessity when developing new messaging and tone of voice.


Polar Bear Design were able to populate their website with key messaging that articulated exactly what was needed for their business and products.

The language that was used was a balance of refined sophistication, touching on the luxury aspects of the product and its market.

The website was populated with key messaging throughout, consistent with the core of their business. The essence of their identity was coherent and meaningful to their audience.

Key phrases were adopted that could be used across multiple touchpoints such as:

Inspiration Through Innovation

Timeless Elegance, Serene Function

Unrivalled Possibilities

The Internal Brand DNA Documentation has provided Polar Bear Design with a detailed understanding of their brand and how to leverage it with their audience. It covered:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Core Messaging Framework
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Statement Framing

The ultra-luxe finishes of a super-prime residence, a luxury hotel or superyacht are complemented with the signature elegance of Polar Bear Design's bespoke range of products.


Alex was a great help to the Polar Bear Design company when we were working on key messaging for our website. He carefully took the time to get to know us as a company, our audience, goals, and branding. He then used this to produce creative wording for our website to draw in our audience, making the website not only reader-friendly but professional and creative. Once our website went live, Alex reached out to us again with further messaging changes he thought should be made and gave helpful feedback which was greatly appreciated.

Justin Wells



Polar Bear Design


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