New brand research and logo design for a company specialising in lighting products.



The brief was to conduct thorough research and create a logo for an entirely new brand launching in the lighting product space. This was to enable them to launch their own-label products across multiple sectors, through super-prime residential, luxury hospitality and commercial. This initial phase was focused on ensuring the brand name was truly unique and allowed full intellectual property rights control from the outset. The logo design was to ensure the brand was memorable in its industry sector.


When launching a new brand, it's incredibly important to ensure that thorough research has been conducted around trademarks and intellectual property rights.

The process is detailed and involved, referencing local and international trademark databases.

Elements to cover are not just duplicate naming, but also names that can sound similar, or look similar when designed. Any infringement further down the line can have serious consequences for a business.

The logo needed to have a modern, minimalist and architectural sense to it.


In referencing extensive trademark and IP databases, locally and internationally, we were able to ensure a solid platform from which to build out the brevont brand with confidence.

There are also dedicated IP lawyers that can be used for additional peace of mind.

For the logo design, a wordmark design was key as the brand logo would be laser-etched onto products. This was an opportunity to ensure brand reinforcement on the products themselves was recognisable and legible.

The font choice is also a critical factor, and one with rounded lettering was chosen. This hints at the architectural flow in a minimalist and modern way. Lower case letters also emphasises this effect. Letter tracking adjustments also control the spacing for complete balance.


The research conducted gave the client the confidence to move ahead with the new brand launch and further asset developments.

The logo design created a memorable logo for their industry, one that was adaptable to multiple use cases, and one that respected the initial brief. Modern, minimalist and architectural.


Amplify responded quickly to our request for new brand research and logo design, swiftly coming up with multiple options. After a couple of meetings, this focussed the logo design into the single final option which was then fine-tuned. The creative thinking, alongside expert use of imagery was extremely useful in helping us to make a decision and to confidently move forward with this. Amplify is always our agency of choice!

Nick Reynolds





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